Take Shelter

Carpenter, A. - Root Cellar

Sherman Township

Riley County

This arched cave is built into flat ground with no mound above it. The original homestead who lived here isn't entirely clear. The current land owner claims it was where John and Mary Hohman once lived. The cemetary in which they are buried is on the northern end of the section. However their names never appear on the property on any plat map. Instead A. Carpenter and P.O. White are shown to occupy this area. John and Mary Hohman are shown to live in another section to the northwest. However, since plat maps were only made every 20 years or so and the first came out nearly 20 years after the settling of the area, it is not possible to count them out as the first homesteader. There is very little else left to show a homestead once stood here. The structure itself could easily be overlooked if one wasn't directed to it. The structure is built with dry stacked stone and is accessed via several steps down. It's It faces north and measures 14'(L)x8'(W)x6.5'(H).