Take Shelter

Jenkins, A. - Root Cellar

Bala Township

Riley County

Arched cave built off of the basement of a beautiful and quite old wood frame house. This home would have been one of the first in the area of Bala and owned by either A. Jenkins or E. Morgan. Under wallpaper on the 1st floor of the house is a scrawled message stating ”Ivan M. Jones - April 21st 1866”. This is actually before the reported building of the house itself but is likely a more accurate date than the patent suggests. Ivan M. Jones was likely a pastor at one of the two churches that flanked this old home during the early days of Bala's history. The cave itself is quite small and dark. Above ground and outside the house you only see a very slight mound above the cave. The cave walks out into the basement to the east and measures 10'(L)x6'(W)x6.5'(H).