Take Shelter

Davenport, A.G. - Root Cellar and Springhouse

Newbury Township

Wabaunsee County

The Davenport property is located about a mile out into a section and is extremely isolated. There is no obvious driveway or access point on to the homestead. Davenport is the only clear property owner who built on the site but a number of other’s owned the property before them. The property was originally bought from The AT&SF Railroad in 1878 by John Calkins who sold it to Malcolm Nicolson in 1882. It then went through the hands of a few other owners including John Mulvane and Stewart Findley before being sold to Thomas and Eliza Bowman in 1884. They owned it until 1901 when Mr. Davenport bought the deed. The Bowmans would have likely done most of the building on the property.

This property has two arched caves on the property. One is underneath the still standing remains of the smokehouse and served as a springhouse and the other is clearly a root cellar and is located near to the foundation of a house that was later moved to Eskridge. There are several other remnants of other structures still visible but most have now fallen in. The springhouse has a concrete floor that allows water to channel around both sides. The upper floor has an A etched in the lintel stone above the door which seems to reference another family name other than Davenport. It faces west and measures approximately 14’(L)x10’(W)x6.5’(H). The root cellar is located to the west of the homes foundation and opens to the east. It now has an entirely exposed roof that reveals very unusual stones that might include some glacial deposits. It measures approximately 14’(L)x8’(W)x7’(H).