Take Shelter

Dieball, Albert - Root Cellar and Dugout

Farmer Township

Wabaunsee County

This property actually has two arched caves. Both built while the property was owned by Albert Dieball. A civil war veteran who settled in the area a few years before the start of the war. The original homestead was a small wood frame house which had (has) an arched cave located to it's north facing south. It's thought by the decedents of Albert that the cave was likely built first and might have been lived in. This cave is now very much in danger of collapsing and has the entrance mostly obstructed with fallen limbs from a neighboring tree. The second cave is located underneath a large two story stone house that Albert would have built in the 1880's. This cave is quite large and virtually intact, with original plaster and the remnants of a number of its original shelves and bins. The cave was definitely the root cellar for the house. The original cave opens to the south and is approximately 14’(L)x9’(W)x6’(H). The cave built under the main house opens to the east into an outer flat topped cellar and measure's 20’(L)x14’(W)x8’(H).