Take Shelter

Kuenzli, C. - Cheese Cellars

Mill Creek Township

Wabaunsee County

Has double cellar under what was first a large two story house but later (after mostly being destroyed by a fire) it was turned into a single story barn. The chambers are both very large but one is approximately double the size of the other. They are perpendicular to each other and connected by a small doorway on the north wall of the smaller cave. The smaller cave opens to the south and larger chamber opens to the east via a staircase that rises to the south. This site has been carefully restored by Bill and Kathy Hogue since they purchased the property in 2004. Large cellar measures 50’(L)x18’(W)x 10’(H) and the smaller cellar measures 24’(L)x14’(W)x 8’(H).