Take Shelter

Zeckser, Carl - Root Cellar & Dugout

Washington Township

Wabaunsee County

Homestead has two arched roof structures on the property. Both are located to the east of the house. The first is under a native stone out building that was used as both a smokehouse and a wash house (among other uses). It is mostly below ground and has an entrance that opens to the east. It measures 15’(L)x10’(W)x 7’(H). The second structure is approximately 20 yards to the north east of the first cellar and seems to have not been used for anything but a trash dump for decades. Due to its distance from the home, lack of any evidence of another homestead and the fact that it opens to the south might indicate its use as an original dwelling on the property. The structure measures 14’(L)x10’(W)x 7’(?)(H).

Audio: Excerpt from interview with Beulah Herbic - 2013