Take Shelter

Schiller, Charles - Root Cellar

Jefferson Township

Geary County

This arched cave is built into the hillside of a pasture about 2 miles southeast of Ogden, KS a little ways south of the Kansas River. It’s the only structure on the site and there doesn’t appear to even be foundations left of any other buildings. The cave’s entrance is more to the west side and it’s outer part is pretty much fallen in but the cave inside is still accessible. The cave’s entrance although small seems to have been able to be a walk out. The cave is laid up with very large cut stone but it does appear to be dry-stacked. Also, the very uneven arch and protruding coursing of stone might suggest it was made over a dirt form. The cave opens to the north and measures 13’(L)x7’(W)x 6.5’(H).