Take Shelter

Dyche, C.M. - Root Cellar

Ogden Township

Riley County

This very large arched cave is built into ravine embankment located near the Ogden entrance of Fort Riley, KS. It is located deep in a ravine and seems truly oddly located. There is some stone fencing and what might be the remnants of small stone structure or two but it seems very isolated from anything significant. The size is also perplexing. It's very tall for most purposes that a farmer would have likely used it for. Its entrance is half collapsed and it appears that roots are pushing through the walls. Interestingly there is a bed in the cave that is actually standing upright. This seems to be later technology than the cave. Could it have been a bootlegger’s hideout or other ner-do-wells home? If nothing else it’s likely some squatter was living there at some point. 1881 plat map suggests that a CM Dyche homesteaded this area. The cave opens to the north-east and measures 18’(L)x10’(W)x 11’(H).