Take Shelter

Palenske, F. - Root Cellar/Smokehouse

Alma Township

Wabaunsee County

This very interesting cave is located about a half mile south of Alma on what was the Fred Palenske homestead. The cave is located beneath what was used as a smokehouse but what could have been the original home before a larger house was eventually built to the east. The property also has a large stone barn located to the north of the smokehouse. The family that eventually purchased the property used the upper floor as a smokehouse for years and eventually found that the lower floor was even better suited for this purpose. It still shows the hooks, rails and stove that were used to this end. The cellar is built into hill and has walk out entrance which opens to the east and measures 18’(L)x11’(W)x 7’(H).

Audio: Excerpt from interview with David Wertzberger - 2013