Take Shelter

Redenske, G. - Root Cellar and Dugout

Farmer Township

Wabaunsee County

Site has two arched caves that are about 20 yards apart from each other. Both are dugouts in that they are built straight into a hillside. The first is against a hill to the east of the second and opens to the southwest. The second has an outer arched entryway and is shorter and is built into the bank of a small creek. It faces more directly to the west. The definitely do not seem to have been built over the same form suggesting either being built sometime apart from each other or the possibility of the use of a earth form. The shorter one shows more recent signs of use. The upper more easterly cellar measures 15’(L)x11’(W)x 7’(H). The second one has two parts – the outer arched portion measures 12’(L)x6’(W)x 5.5’(H) and the inner chamber measures 14’(L)x10’(W)x 5.5’(H).