Take Shelter

Sommers, George - Root Cellar

Mill Creek Township

Wabaunsee County

This arched cellar or dugout is located deep into a pasture in the middle of a section about a mile and a half north of Hessdale, Ks. It is located about 60 yards to the southwest of some remnants of stone buildings (apparently out buildings and maybe a barn). Not sure if the house would have stood. Possibly above the cave. The property was apparently homesteaded by Chas Anderson 1st who bought it in 1883 from a John Lath and owned it until 1916 when he sold it to George Sommers. In the area it is referred to as the Sommer place. The cave itself walks out like one about a half a mile further to the south in same pasture. It too has a rather long entryway that allowed for the mostly underground cave to be a walk out. Although in comparison this cave is made from much larger stones. The stones are apparently starting to split, which might soon spell the doom of the cave. It opens to the east and measures 16’(L)x9’(W)x 6.5’(H).