Take Shelter

Mayer, G.H. - Root Cellar

Wildcat Township

Riley County

This arched cave is located a few miles northwest of Keats, Ks. It is one of the more unique caves discovered due to a feature that clearly sets it apart from being a root cellar or storm shelter. That being a dividing wall in the middle of the cave creating two separate rooms. It also has a large 2'x3' window in the back room. Both of these features suggest strongly that this site was indeed a structure which was lived in for some time. It was referred to as both the Mayer and Sinn place but the Mayer family would be the earlier land owner. The home which would have stood to the west of the cave was destroyed by a tornado in the 1950's. It was clearly built much, much later than the cave judging by the cinder blocks used to create it's foundation. It faces east and measures 11'(L)x8'(W)6'(H).