Take Shelter

Engstrom, G.W. - Root Cellar

Liberty Township

Geary County

This arched cave is built an embankment with a truly remarkable façade. It is located off of Highway 57 about 100 yards into a rocky pasture and patch of woods. The cave is nearly 50 yards to the northeast of the remnants of a stone house that was supposed to have burnt down at some point (which is not clear). The owner of this property was apparently a mason who would have had a hand in building many other stone structures in the area and Fort Riley (although it’s not clear which in particular). It’s possible he might have helped build other root cellars in Geary County that share some of the same traits as this one; large cut and jointed stone. This cave walks out to the southeast and is 15’(L)x7.5’(W)x 7’(H).