Take Shelter

Beck, J. - Root Cellar

Wildcat Township

Riley County

This arched cave is located a few miles Southwest of Keats, Ks. It is well inside the Fort Riley Military Reservation and would have been annexed during the 1940's expansion of the base. As such almost everything other than this cave has been completely wiped out. The Beck family apparently owned several properties in this area and it's not entirely clear if which one would have occupied this section. The cave itself is built into a slight embankment and is nearly a walk out structure other than a few steps up. There is signs of fire inside the cave but it's possible this was caused by the burning of the surrounding pasture or by soldiers taking shelter inside of it. There is a pond about a mile to the north east of it that's also called Beck pond. The cave faces west and measures 15'(L)x11'(W)9'(H).