Take Shelter

Murphy, J. - Root Cellar

Wildcat Township

Riley County

This arched cave is located a few miles northwest of Keats, Ks. It is built into a raised mound near a small shed and hand dug well. The original house on the property is long since been demolished. The 1881 plat map says Murphy but the current home owner and neighbors suggest the property was homesteaded by the Beck family. The entrance to the structure is comprised of only a few steps and it's not clear that it would have had a double doorway although this seems likely. The mound it's built under is interesting in that it has a small set of step going up the side. This might indicate some kind of structure having once stood above it. The inside of the cave is interesting due to its rather oddly shaped arch and it's built in shelf on the back wall. The arch itself would seem to indicate it would have been built over a dirt form. The cave faces southeast and measures 11'(L)x11'(W)8'(H).