Take Shelter

Nye, Jacob - Dugout

Zeandale Township

Riley County

This arched cave is located off of Deep Creek Rd. in a part of Riley County that would have been part of Wabaunsee county originally. The cave is built into a slope of a hillside along a long stretch of stacked stone wall. The cave is immense and has 3 windows on the front of it. The property has a few foundations of outbuildings directly surrounding the cave but none seem to suggest the foot print of a house on the property. It seems very likely that this large cave was the dugout home for the family that homesteaded here. The Nye family might not have been that homesteader since their described as having lived in a two story stone house (which had been torn down). A foundation for such a structure is not visible anywhere near this structure. If it was, then it might be feasible that this cave was a wine cellar. The cave opens to the west via couple steps and measures 35'(L)x16'(W)16'(H).