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Schreiber, Jacob - Root Cellar

Alma Township

Wabaunsee County

This very interesting cave is located about a half mile north of Alma on what was the Jacob Schreiber homestead. The cave used to stand to the west of what was a two story wood frame house. It was connected to the house by an 18 to 20’ long “summer kitchen”. Both of these structures have long since collapsed and been cleared away. The cave itself has also suffered from a collapsing of part of it’s arch. What exists of the cave today is only 9’(L)x8’(W)x7’(H) but it likely would have been about 18’(L) before the front half collapsed. The cave also has the date 1889 scrawled above the door way of the cave as it exists today but it’s likely the cave could be much older. In the 1930’s the property was lost to the bank and the Schrieber’s property was bought by the Diehl family who included a master mason. They built the large two story house that stand to the north of it today. The Diehl family lived there for years before the current owner took over. The current owner was responsible for saving the cave from further collapse.

The following was added on 02/27/16 (thanks to a decendant of Jacob Schreiber):
Jacob Schreiber was born March 6, 1830 in Kundwig Rheinboyrin, Germany. He came to America with his parents in 1832. They lived in New York for five years before moving to Indiana.
Barbara Boyer was born August 23, 1833 in Trarrnesheim, Rheinhessen, Germany. She came to America with her parents in 1836.
Jacob and Barbara were married June 18, 1854 in St. Thomas Church in Brookville, Indiana by Rev. Henry Cordier. They were the parents of thirteen children: Jacob, John, Phoebe, George, Mary, Phillip, Catherine (Katie), William, Ella, Edward, Elizbeth, Anna and Caroline. All the children were born in Oak Forest, Indiana.
They came to Wamego in 1878 and in 1882 they bought a farm in Wabaunsee County, (the former George Diehl farm north of Alma on Highway 99). Jacob died June 2, 1896 and Barbara died August 15, 1916. They are buried in the Alma City Cemetery.