Take Shelter

Easterberg, J.O. - Dugout

Center Township

Riley County

This arched cave is built into very slightly sloping hillside a few miles south of where May Day, KS once was. This is one of the clearest cases of a dugout that was found. It doesn't seem to be located near any other foundations or remnants of a house or out buildings. It also had a bed located against the back wall that is covered to the bed springs with dirt and topped off with an 3 burner wood or oil stove sandwiched in a large pack rat nest. Clearly this has been there for some time. Also, the way it was referred to by locals was as a dugout which indicates the oral tradition surrounding the nature of the structure and possibly others in the area. Roughly half of the structure seems to have fell in so it's hard to be sure of size but it would have roughly been 16'(L)x7'(W)x5.5'(H). It also is likely to have been a walk out type of cave (in its case to the west).