Take Shelter

Melgren, John - Root Cellar

Blue Valley Township

Pottawatomie County

This arched cave is built into a small mound and faces south. According to the current homeowner it was the original home of the Melgren family who was one of the founders of the Oldsburg and Maria Dahl settlements. The cave would have been built in the early 1850's and was the place where at least one of the families children would have been born. It is an unusual cave and shows signs of having been built over a dirt form. Not only does it have a strangely shaped arched that would be inconsistent with the use of wood forms but it also has very strange coursing in its spring walls which indicate it would have been laid blindly. The cave was also used as a root cellar later on but due to its long distance from the house that was later built on the property it was likely seldom used as time went on. The walls, which were clearly dry stacked show signs of having been pointed up in spots later on. The cave faces south and approximately measures 12'(L)x7'(W)x6'(H).