Take Shelter

Mueller, Joseph - Root Cellar

Alma Township

Wabaunsee County

This very large arched cellar is located beneath a large two story stone house that is built onto a hillside with numerous stone terraces. The home is currently being held up by braces and likely would have fell down by now if it wasn’t for them. There is a lot of stone work throughout the property. The cave itself has clearly had cattle inside of it which caused the outer wall of the antechamber of the cave to start to deface. The property is located about half a mile out into the patch of forested hillside and was either homesteaded by Henry Palenske or Joseph Mueller. It’s not clear from the plat maps. The cave walks out to the east via an outer chamber. The main cave is 24’(L)x15’(W)x8’(H) and the outer cave is cave is 8’(L).