Take Shelter

Alexander, J.W. - Root Cellar

Liberty Township

Geary County

This arched cave is built about half underground with a pronounced mound over it. It’s located about a mile and a half north of Morris County and not far from Dwight, KS. The cave is made of large cut and jointed stones and was surely done by a skilled mason. The current landowner says that the cave was used as a place for two men to live who were in charge of maintaining a railroad supply stop. The track and a few wood frame buildings that held supply’s is located to the northwest of the cave. A wood frame house was also built to the east of the cave that has since been torn down. It most recently has served as a storm shelter for the current landowners who live in a house about 30 yards to the southwest. The cave opens up via a stairwell to the east is approximately 13’(L)x6’(W)x 6.5’(H).