Take Shelter

Mass, Louis - Root Cellar

Blakely Township

Geary County

The arched cave is made of rough hewn dry stacked stones and has the appearance of a cave who’s arch was actually laid over a dirt form; very irregular. It’s on a site that appears to have recently been razed to the ground. Whether this was intentional in response to an unsafe structure or if it was an accidental fire to an occupied house is unclear. The cellar would have been located directly behind the house. The cellar is strewn with the remains of its shelves and bins which indicate a clear root cellar. The house that burnt down doesn’t have a basement so it surely served as a storm shelter too. There is several other buildings spread around the property, both wood frame and stone. The cellar walks out to the east via a short staircase and is approximately measures 14’(L)x7’(W)x 6.5’(H).