Take Shelter

Knopf, Louisa - Root Cellar

Farmer Township

Wabaunsee County

This arched cave is built at the top of a hill overlooking what was once Thoesville; a small community sprang up early in the history of Wabaunsee County and even vied for the county seat versus Alma. This cave was several hundred yards to the north of what were a few shops and a post office. The structure was apparently on the property of Louisa Knopf by 1881 but it’s unclear if she would have had house here or further down the draw where another residence was apparently located. This cave has a number of tails about it. It is called Lookout hill and was supposed to have been used by bandits and bootleggers as a hide out. Even Wild Bill Hickok was said to have stopped here for a night or two. The structure is made of very thin dry stacked stone and would have walked out to the south. It measures 11’(L)x9’(W)x 6’(H).