Take Shelter

Repp, Michael - Dugout

Pottawatomie Township

Pottawatomie County

This native stone arched cave was built in 1853-54 and was the home of one of the five founders of the Flush, Ks area. According to the great great grandson of Michael Repp, the family lived in this structure while building a log cabin on top of it. Then the built a stone structure to the north of that and lived in it. This shows how the settlers would have stepped up from one structure to another. Unfortunatley the Repp family sold the family farm in the 1950's and the new owner's showed little concern for the upkeep of the structure, even using it as a trash dump. More recently the great great grandson bought back the property and plans to clean it up. Also, according to the original settlers decendent this site was witness to the birth of the first white woman in Kansas as well as the first Catholic mass (which was given by a Jesuit priest passing through the area). The cave is built into a slight slope, opens to the west and is approximately 15'(L)9'(W)x6'(H).