Take Shelter

Moris Brothers - Dugout

Wildcat Township

Riley County

This arched cave is located to the north of Keats, KS. According to the 1881 plat map it was then owned by the Moris brothers. It's surrounded by several farm buildings including a large wood frame barn and a wood frame house but the cave itself is rather oddly located and is not near any of them. Instead it's in a fairly central location. Even where the original home on the property once stood is 30 yards or more away from the cave. This might indicate it being an original dugout structure. It's supposed to have had a wood frame structure above it which had fallen into disrepair and been torn down. This was likely built on much later than the caves original construction. The cave opens to the south and measures 11'(L)x8'(W)6.5'(H).