Take Shelter

Fix, Robert - Root Cellar/Springhouse

Washington Township

Wabaunsee County

Has lime plastered stone arched cellar to east of large 9 bedroom house built circa 1870 (1st part of house built prior to 1860. The entrance steps down into the cave on the side of a retaining wall. It is a unique structure in that it also provides an entrance into the properties well. This is located through a doorway at the back of the cave. Robert Fix moved into the area to the east of what would eventually have become Volland, Ks just before the Civil War. He built a small stone house before volunteering for the Union Army. His Uncle Michael Fix watched his place while he was gone and lived in a log cabin located north east of the homestead. When he came back he had 9 girls and built this house to accommodate them all. The cellar opens to the east and measures 15’(L)x10’(W)x 8’(H).