Take Shelter

Olson, Swen - Root Cellar

Jackson Township

Geary County

This arched cave is located about hundred yards to the north of Old K13 through dense forest. It is built into flat ground under a raised mound about 40 yards southwest of a wood frame structure that is still standing. This structure might be the house or a farm outbuilding. There is not much in the way of other remnants other than a few scattered stones. If there was another house on the property it’s unclear where it stood. The cave itself is made with good size cut and jointed stones with a back wall made from much more crude stone. The cave not only had a good size vent on the back wall but also had an apparent window over the front entrance. The cave was apparently used recently enough to have electricity. It also still has a lot of artifacts remaining which help show it’s having been used as a root cellar. The cave opens out via several stairs to the south and measures 14’(L)x6’(W)x 7’(H).