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Dekat, Theopholis - Wine Cellar

Pottawatomie Township

Pottawatomie County

Site has very large cellar underneath nearly the entire house. It was built by one of the five original settlers of the area of Flush, KS. Outside cave is an inscription indicating it was built in 1874. This would have been over 20 years after these families first came to the area. The cave opens on the south side into an outer flat topped cellar and measures 34’(L)x20’(W)x 17’(H).

It is said that the original purpose for the cellar was the making and storing of Wine which the Dekats produced using grapes from their own vineyard. The provided wine to some of the areas catholic churches including the Flush Parish. Several of the Dekat children went on to become Clergy. The production of wine was abandoned within the first couple generations. The cave was then used like a typical root cellar but the later Dekats did make home brewed beer. In the 1950’s the cellar was repurposed into a half court basketball court. Many of the older locals remember playing basketball there.

Audio: Excerpt from interview with Terry Dekat - 2013