Take Shelter

Burdett, Thomas - Dugout

Pottawatomie Township

Pottawatomie County

This small arched cave is built into the top of a hilltop above a long forested slope. It is extremely isolated today and likely would have been similarly isolated when it was first built. Very little is known about who built it but it's clear that it was lived in. There are what appears to be some foundations some distance behind it to the west. There is a story of a hobo living in this structure during the 1930's while he worked at a ranch which was several miles away. Some parts of a stove and bed are visible within the space. It seems as though these would predate the 1930's. It is likely that this cellar will soon collapse due to a tree growing next to it. The cellar opens to the southeast and is approximately 9'(L)6'(W)x5.5'(H).