Take Shelter

Rickershauser, W. - Root Cellar and Springhouse

Mill Creek Township

Wabaunsee County

This site actually has two arched caves on the property. One built underneath two separate structures. A large cave is located under a two story stone structure over 30 yards to the southwest of the main house, which was likely the smokehouse or washhouse. This should have been a root cellar but only had a single door which makes this seem like a poor choice. It measure 18’(L)x11’(W)x 7.5’(H). The other cave is actually a springhouse that is beneath another stone building. This one directly south from the main house by about 40 yards. It is a small cave and is accessed by a short flight of stairs and a single doorway. It measures 8’(L)x8’(W)x 7’(H). It’s floor is mostly dirt. All of these buildings seem to have been recently restored. There are a couple other stone structures on the property but the house is wood frame. There was also a large mixed wood and stone barn on the property that recently burned down.