Take Shelter

Strowig, W.R. - Root Cellar

Newbury Township

Wabaunsee County

This arched cellar is built into hillside located on the grounds of what is now a rest area just east of Paxico, Ks. It was originally homesteaded by Alois Stech according to the 1881 plat map, W.R. Strowig by 1902. It was used as a wine cellar and part of a housing for distillery equipment throughout it’s tenure. It was even part of a distillery as late as the 1930’s. It is said by decedents of the Strowig’s that a distillery is buried under I70. Only the cave and a small retaining wall are still standing on the property. The cave is closed off from access by the public and so a thorough investigation was not possible. The cave opens to the east and is approximately 18’(L)x12’(W)x 7’(H).