Please take the time to share your personal stories and family histories regarding the use of these special structures. It would be preferable to have you simply relate these stories in your own words (which you can do in the comment box below). Or, if you'd like, you can find a list of questions by clicking here. These guided questions are designed to help spur your memories and to inspire you to share what you know about these structures. Feel free to respond to any question(s) you find applicable to your memories. (Click the paragraph above for questions)

  1. Approximate location of structure ( township, county).
  2. Briefly describe the structure. (condition, size, orientation, apparent use)
  3. Is this a location you or your family lived?
  4. What is the family name(s) associated with the property and/or structure?
  5. What is your earliest memory of this place and what impact has it had on you?
  6. Were there any routines/chores that involve this structure? Please describe:
  7. What was the the primary use of this structure while your family lived on the property? How did its uses change over time?
  8. Do you know of any stories related to other families/people who might have used this structure?
  9. Do you happen to have any record within your family about the structure’s building process? (who built it and for what reason)
  10. Are there any photos or documentations that you would like to share?
  11. As far as you know was the structure ever used as a place to live by anyone? (if so, who/when/why?)
  12. Was the structure used for food production or food storage of any kind? If so, what and how?
  13. Do you feel the structure was a benefit to you and/or your family? How so?
  14. Did this structure ever serve as a tornado shelter? Are there any details you would like to share?

Any additional comments or insights you might have are also welcome and can be made in the comment box below. Photographs and Videos may also be posted. If you wish, you may remain anonymous. Your personal information will be kept private upon request, in which case, please specify a posting name. If you would rather contact someone directly about a shelter, a specific site or to share any images or other information, click the button below.

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